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I’ve been thinking a lot about the content I’d like to have on this site. Everything I see or hear I think, “I could put that in my blog!”

For now I think I’ll concentrate on car stuff. If you look about the middle of the page on the right hand side, you’ll see a blogroll. You can get to my main website by clicking on girlintheblackcar.com. How did I get that name you ask?

When I first starting racing the ’97 Eagle Talon we bought we (UTDSM) – (I’ll talk more about that car club later) went out to a track (actually an old air strip, part of it is still in use) in Wendover, Utah. It’s about hour drive from where we live. Well, since there weren’t numbers, names or anything else to identify the cars and their drivers (Yes, this track is pretty ghetto, but fun at the same time). The announcer started calling me, “The girl in the black car just went xx.xx” Somehow it stuck and I named my website that.

I no longer own the black ’97 Talon, but I keep the name anyway. I now own a ’91 300zx named iZabell. How did she get her name? Well, when I was little my mother sewed a lot and had a mannequin she would use to fit the clothes she made. For some unknown reason (at least a reason I can’t remember) we named the mannequin Isabel. My mother passed away almost four years ago. She got sick (she had Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS as it’s commonly known. You can read more about her and the struggle with that disease on my website) right before I started racing at the track with my ’97 Talon. She was unable to see me race and I know she would have loved it. I did take her for a ride right after I bought it when it was still totally stock. I remember picking her up and we went driving around. We came to a stop light and ended up next to a GT Mustang. Haha, I still remember her telling me to go for it! She wanted me to race that car! I was still a little hesitant with the car so I opted out of the race. It still makes me smile to remember how excited she was wanting me to race. She (and my father) was always very supportive in everything I’ve done. So I wanted to remember her somehow in my racing. That’s where I came up with the name iZabell for my 300zx.

Currently, our projects include; my 300zx and my husband ’71 Datsun 510. He’s doing a sr20det swap in it. I’m sure I’ll be posting about that more and more since he’s biting at the bit to get it running!


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