Thinking Out Loud

So I’ve been thinking about cars and what I’d like to get out of the Z. I’ve been doing a lot of research on stages upgrades for the Z. I think I have a pretty good path laid out. I have noticed a huge difference in prices for upgrades and even factory parts compared to DSM’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that’s because DSM’s are pieces of crap J Haha, don’t get bent out of shape over that comment :). That is actually the reason I sold the ’92 Talon we practically did a complete tear down and rebuild on. If a part could be replaced, we replaced it. Information regarding that build up can be found here:

The ’92 to ’94 are probably my favorite year. Anyway, the thing that made me sell the car right after we finished it was the fact after all that work it still didn’t feel ‘solid’ when driving it. I wanted that nice solid feeling when I’d drive it down the road. I was lacking that with this car. Probably because I was spoiled with my ’97 Talon. When I bought it in ’01 it only had 17k on it. When I sold it a few years later it only had 33k. So it was still a practically new car and still had that new car feeling. I know the 1st generation DSM is probably one of the most molested and beaten cars out there. So even with my hearts intent to bring it back to ‘new’ condition, it didn’t happen.

Then came iZabell. Even with 150k on her, she still drives and handles like a new car. She has that ‘solid’ feeling I was missing with the DSM’s. In other words, I don’t really see myself going back to DSM’s anytime soon. But . . . they were defiantly a good starting point getting us into the import scene.


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