When Does it Become to Much?

So I was out in our shop last night looking around and decided we're crazy. We have three cars currently sitting on jack stands. Well, the 300zx isn't on jack stands yet, but once everything is put together up top the tranny will be dropped for the swapping out of the old clutch to a 6 puck.

Each car is eagerly awaiting it's turn for parts. Parts which I try and buy sparingly (Yes, I've become cheap in my old age) and try to distribute equally. It's a lot of work and money. That is probably the reason these cars are still sitting on jack stands. I've tried to cut back on car spending and focus more on managing my money (something I'll be talking more about on here).

It's almost overwhelming to have all these cars. At current count we have five. A '05 Scion xB (gas saver), '84 Chevy 3/4 truck (the car hauler), '91 Nissan 300zx (my iZabell), '93 Eagle Talon (soon to be beater) and a '71 Datsun 510 (the husbands toy). This doesn't include the four DSM parts cars in our yard. Good thing I have a good sized chunk of land!

*sigh* But . . . We're addicted to them. We love cars! If I could have more, I would. So all in all, I'm not really complaining. What more could a girl want? 🙂

Most woman have that favorite pair of shoes that go with that perfect dress. I have my favorite pair of Skechers that are old and beat up, but are the only ones I can race in at the race track!


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