Nissan 300zx Injector Clips . . .

If anyone owns a 1990-1996 Z32 (Nissan 300zx), then they'll understand what I'm talking about. By now your wiring harness is probably brittle and cracking. I had this issue with my injector clips. Not only where they brittle, they were also an old design. You have to wrestle with a small wire to get the clips off. After a trip to the junkyard we picked up some replacement clips. These clips are a nice squeeze and release type. They are commonly found on 2g DSM's (1995-1999) Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talons. You can also find these clips on late model Mitsubishi cars like the Galant. These are also an upgrade for 1g DSM's (1990-1994).

We cut the old clips off and soldered on the new ones.

New clip

In the above picture, you can see the new clip (black) and also the old clip (green).

In order to use these newer style clips, you'll need to grind off a little tab on the bottom of the injector. I'm currently running the stock injectors.

Picture of the injector with the tab.

You can see the tab on the bottom of the injector. If you look back at the first picture I posted, you can see the tab is gone (we ground it off).


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