Car Buying Anonymous

Hello, my name is Kim and I have a car buying addiction. I’m a sucker for a good car deal! We just picked up a 1992 Galant VR-4. It’s #211 of 1000.

I convinced myself that two people having five cars was just to much. So I sold my 1993 Eagle Talon (the beater) we just put together.

I like the Galant for a beater since it’s four-doors, leather, AWD and the best part . . . turbo! It’s got a semi built motor (JE Pistons and 1g rods with ARPs), 16g, Walbro pump, Thermal Research cat-back and a few other miscellaneous things.

So I guess this site will be filled with updates to the Galant and the 300zx. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll find some time to get a few things done on the 510!


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