I Hate DSM’s

Why do I do this to myself? A few posts down is my new project (a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST). Well, the new project was finally put back together (it needed the motor and tranny put in when I bought it) and started up on Saturday. We (the husband and I) always kid each other that when we start-up a dsm we’ll hear ‘knock, knock, knock’. Simply for the fact it’s happened to us more then once 😦

Well, after a couple months of collecting parts (I wanted to have most of the basic bolt ons such as: hard pipping, HKS bov, exhaust, intake, Walbro fuel pump, SX fuel pressure regulator, etc. I also put on all new timing belt parts while the motor was out. That would be my number one recommendation to anyone purchasing a DSM. Change the timing belt and components ASAP. It might be a few hundred bucks right now, but it’ll save you tons of money in the long run) she started up. At first she ran crappy because we forgot to put on the brake booster line on the back of the intake manifold. Fixed that and started her up again. Wouldn’t you know it . . . ‘knock, knock, knock’ it was rod knock.

Soooo, now everything has to come back out again. Usually in this situation we’d put in a 6 bolt motor, that’s what we’ve done in the past with our 2g’s. But, this time I think I’m going to take the chance and build the 7 bolt. I’m thinking of making a 2.3L stroker with the 7 bolt. This weekend we’ll hit the junkyards and see if we can find a decent crank to start this project. Perhaps some nice Eagle rods and some Ross pistons (we used that combo in the last 6 bolt 2.3L we built for the husbands ’93 Talon) some ARP rod bolts and she’ll be good to go again.

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