Flywheel, GT42, and Rims

We picked up an ACT 2900 pressure plate and a Fidanza aluminum flywheel for Adam’s 1993 Eagle Talon.

We’ve heard horror stories about the Fidanza flywheel showing up warped from the company. We measured ours and everything is in spec.

We were building a custom upper ic pipe (pipes bought from Road Race Engineering) over the weekend and I stopped for a minute to take a picture of the turbo. It’s a GT4294.

We are waiting for the 26″ Hoosier QTP’s we ordered to show up at our local Discount Tire company. In the meantime, we’ve been prepping the rims.  They are just stock 2g Eclipse rims painted black.  They are fairly light weight weighing in at around 16 pounds. Plus they were free 🙂

More updates to come!

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