Running Rich?!?

When we started Adam’s car up a few weekends ago it was running REALLY rich. We thought maybe the Aeromotive A1000 was dumping serious fuel, but we didn’t have a fuel pressure gauge installed on the fuel pressure regulator. The other night we went to install a gauge and switch the fuel pressure regulator to the other side and found this . . .

It’s the spring inside the Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator. You can’t purchase a spring from Aeromotive you have to send the fpr back in for service. Which is fine, they said for $35 they could put in a new spring and diaphram. Sooo, we’re thinking (hoping) between the broken spring and the fpr not being set correctly that is our rich problem.

I went ahead and ordered a new Aeromotive fpr from Summit racing. I currently have one for my car, but I’d like the one rated to run with the A1000 that we’ll be installing into my car also. So thank goodness for Summit’s warehouse in Nevada 🙂 the new regulator should be here Thursday.


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