Slow Progress . . .

Adam finally took his car out for a drive last Friday night. We were having clutch engagement issues and it ended up being the clutch pedal assembly. We put a new one in and now it shifts fine.

We picked up a built head with one of our last car purchases. It has Crower springs and retainers, bronze valve guides and some port work done. We also put on a set of adjustable cam gears.

Hopefully, it’ll be back up and running by this weekend.

I ordered a GT4294 for my ‘93 Talon on Monday. Hopefully, that’ll be ready this week too! Yes, my car is still sitting in the same place, but the motor is pulled out 🙂

I also have for sale a “new” Turbonetics 60 trim turbo, exhaust manifold, 38mm Tial wastegate and a slightly used Profec B spec II. You can see the ad here.

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