Started Sanding on my 1995 Eagle Talon Project

Ok, didn’t get very far, but at least we started! We decided to get it painted before dropping the motor (which we picked up from the machine shop last Saturday) in.

Sanding my 1995 Eagle Talon

Filling and sanding the holes from the wing.

Filling holes from the wing on my 1995 Eagle Talon

Here’s the short block back from the machine shop. It’s a 6 bolt running 2g Nippon Racing pistons on 1g rods, ARP rod bolts and ARP main studs. Our machinist was pretty impressed with the Nippon pistons. He said they look like good quality, especially for what we paid 🙂 Guess we’ll find out when I start running high boost.

6 bolt short block for my 1995 Eagle Talon


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