Sprung or Unsprung?

I just picked up a used ACT 2600 pressure plate and unsprung six puck disc. Hmmm, do I want to run an unsprung disc? Thoughts? I need to do some research. I could have Exchanges Parts in SLC make me a disc. I guess I need to check if they’re still around. Wow, I’ve been outta the car game for awhile!

Oh and remember these bad boys?

I sold these last year when we parted Adam’s 1993 Eagle Talon out.

Well, I’ve been looking for awhile and finally found a set of these five star stock Eclipse rims. I wanted them again because they’re sooooo light. I don’t know if I’ll be running Hoosiers on my 1995 Eagle Talon, but at least I found some rims for it! (pictures coming soon)


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