Times Ticken

Well, the Rocky Mountain Raceway 2009 schedule hasn’t been release as of today, but I know we should have some test n’ tunes in April.

I’m waaay behind on my build. My 1995 Eagle Talon is still sitting in the shop just like we left it late last summer.

I did pull out the old Excel spreadsheet and take a look where I am in my budget build. I hate to say this, but I don’t think I’m going to hit my 6k goal. Something I just can’t go cheap (ok, ghetto) on. The car for 1500 was the donor 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse I bought to steal parts from. My 1995 Eagle Talon “shell” was giving to me for free, but it was pretty stripped down so I needed another car for parts, wiring, etc. Here’s a list of what I’ve acquired so far:

Motor 150
Turbo 650
Wideband 170
DSMlink 150
Carpet 120
Wastegate 175
Full car 1500
Motor rebuild 940
Intercooler + piping 200
Fuel pump 0
Pdino – timing 290
Head 140
Crank pulley/etc 125
Cams 300
Flywheel 100
FPR 85
Rims 80
Pressure plate 100
Bov 75
Total so far

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