Flat Black = Sexy

I’m in love with flat black. If flat black asked me to marry it, I just might.

After the “Oh yeah, shift perfect!” tranny comes a little bit of good news. Luckily, the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse parts car I bought had an almost perfect tranny in it. We tore it down over the weekend and had a peek inside. Looked really good. After getting it back together, it was painted . . . . flat black.


Also did some painting on the valve cover. I sanded the paint off the letters, but don’t have that picture with me. I’m torn between leaving the letters sanded or painting them red.


I dropped off some stock five star Eclipse rims to Stanley Distribution on Saturday for powder coating. I’m having them done flat black with a red ring just around the outside. I also took them my turbine housing for a 2000 degree ceramic coating along with my Turbonetics T3 exhaust manifold. I’ll be posting pictures of those when I get them back.


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