Lots of New Parts, But Not Enough Time to Install Them

We’ve been going out to the shop as much as possible the last couple days. Things are slowly coming together. I’m getting pretty excited! I picked up some Tein coilovers, new in box, but for a used price (love that).


On my 1995 Eagle Talon


I was planning on just running KYB AGX’s and Eibach springs, but a local had the Teins for sale. Plus this will allow me to run Hoosiers, if I want, like on Adam’s 1993 Eagle Talon.

Without coilovers, you get this

Oh and here’s a picture of my valve cover. Still deciding if I want to paint the letter red. I actually found some flat red paint at Autozone last night while looking for caliper paint. I’m all about anything flat 🙂


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