38mm Tial, Turbonetics manifold and an old school AGP RS65

Put them all together and what do you get? Well, I don’t really know yet. But I’m hoping to get some 10’s down the 1320 when it’s all said and done! But for now, we had to fab up an elbow for the Tial off the manifold because of fitment issues.

(The elbow is part of  my pile getting ready to go back to Stanley Distribution for ceramic/powder coating)

How about some test fitment pictures?

Here are a few of the ceramic coated Turbonetics manifold and AGP RS65 (with ceramic coated turbine housing). That RS65 Looks small in there compared to the GT42’s we’ve ran previously.

No, that’s not the valve cover I’ll be running. It’s just there to take any damage before the permanent valve cover is installed.


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