Hoosiers x4 and Some Decisions

I picked up a set of Hoosier QTP’s for my 1995 Eagle talon. Previously, we bought some for Adam’s 1993 Eagle Talon.

Only bad thing (not that it’s even bad) is they also came with Rota Slipstreams. Those are probably my all time favorite rim. I had them on my 1997 Eagle Talon.

Here are the new ones.

Now, I have two debates running through my head.

1. Remember I had some five star Mitsubishi rims powder coated a month or so back? Do I move the new Hoosiers to them or keep them on the Rota’s? I’m thinking I’m going to keep them on the Rota’s. They are only 13.5 lbs compared to the five stars at about 16 lbs. My goal is to keep the car as light as possible, sticking with the Rota’s would do that.

2. Notice the whitewalls? The lettering has been painted black. I’m all about the black lettering, but the husband wants them white again. I’m thinking we might be able to meet in the middle by doing them red. I am giving up my red lipped five stars and I want some color on the car.


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