I’m throwing SEO out the “windaaa” today! The title of this post sums up the last year of building my 1995 Eagle Talon and now actually driving it. Paint was sprayed last Friday and we’ve been tinkering ever since. I’m waiting for a small blue Tial spring to show up so I can double up the wastegate springs. It’s coming from Iowa so we said, “screw it” and threw the 38mm Tial back together with just the big blue spring. I hopped in and took her for a spin.

I only hit about 10psi on my trip, but she felt good. Above is a shot the husband took as I pulled back into our driveway. After seeing the excitment on my face he decided he wanted to take it around the block. Well, he really got on it and before I could get the words out my boost gauge hit 28-30psi. I guess we’ll go with breaking the motor in like we’re going to drive it 🙂

Another shot with the new Rota Slipsteams and Hoosiers.Yes, I know I need tint. I’m hoping to get that put on within the next week or two.


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