Why DSM’s Break Your Heart

A years worth of long hours in the shop and money I should have been putting into retirement brings me to my heart break of today. How does my new 1995 Eagle Talon run? She runs like a champ  . . . until 5500-6000 rpm. Then that smile brought on by my hard work turns to a frown. Why? Because at 6k if feels like I just ran into a freakin brick wall!

’95 Talon
6 bolt swap w/1g head (2g pistons, 1g rods)
DSMLink V2
RS65 – 30psi (now turned down to 20-25psi)
Dual in tank 255 Walbros (swapped out to one single Walbro)
Evo Maf – settings from DSMLink Wiki (swapped out to a 2g maf)
FP2 Cams
1000cc FIC injectors
Mallory FPR
New BP7ES’s gapped to .024 (now gapped to .018)
3in exhaust, etc, etc

Car feels great to up to 6k, then hits a brick wall (throws you forward in the seat as if everything just stopped, which in the logs, it does). I can move the “wall” down to about 5500 when I lean the car out. I can get the rpms up to 7k+ with little or no boost. The “wall” comes when it’s under load/boost. Above are the mods and what is currently on the car (swapped out for testing purposes)

Here’s what we’ve tried:
Turned off NLTS, also turned it on and upped the rpm to 9k
Boost tested to 30psi, also watched fp gauge raise too (don’t have a fp gauge in the car)
’91 CAS / 2 different black top CAS’s
Tried another Evo maf and 2g maf
Tried with and without the MBC hooked up
Another ECU that had DSMLink
Dropped boost from 30psi down to around 20-25psi
Double checked timing
New alternator
Pulled off valve cover to make sure rockers were still on
Tried another set of spark plug wires
Gapped 2nd set of br7es plugs down to .018
Compression is 125 across all cylinders
FP set at 43
Went through and made sure everything is grounded
Checked cas wiring (1gina2g)
Checked if the injector wires were swapped at the ecu (for the 1gina2g without DSMLink)
Tried using fake maf at 2200hz with the evo maf (2400hz is where the wall hits)
Tried another FPR
Complete new fp assembling with one walbro (had duals in there before)
Tried other Injectors (FIC 1150’s)
Injector driver box (firewall)
Double checked timing marks
Logged the clutch switch to make sure it’s working
Logged voltage, looks good
Some logs are only showing throttle position at 40% (but airflow is the same as if it’s at 99%) I have logs that show a 100% throttle position and logged it to double check and I’m hitting 99%)

Some DSMLink logs
nlts disabled, cltchsw logged, A/T D logged, thortpos logged – http://girlintheblackcar.com/images/Other/nltsoff.dat
nlts enabled none of the above logged – http://girlintheblackcar.com/images/…ugsmisfire.dat
cltchsw logged – http://girlintheblackcar.com/images/Other/cltchsw.dat
2g maf and leaned out a bit – http://girlintheblackcar.com/images/…uly9leaner.dat
Evo wiki settings – http://girlintheblackcar.com/images/…ly8highair.dat (wall at around 6k, 2nd gear)
Zero’d – http://girlintheblackcar.com/images/Other/mafzerod.dat (wall moved down to about 5300, 2nd gear)


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