1995 Eagle Talon Update

Well, my heart was unbroken for a few days and then my RS65 turbo went. Seriously, is this my punishment for building another one of these? Previously, I couldn’t get the car to go above 6k under load. Well, after a few weeks of troubleshooting one part at a time we said screw it and started throwing parts at her. What fixed it? It was either a TPS (third one), speed sensor or the baffle in the fuel tank. Do I care what fixed it? Not really, but I am kinda curious šŸ™‚

She ran great for a few days then started blowing smoke in between shifts. We narrowed it down to the turbo (most likely the seals have gone bad) so I started hunting for a new one. I could just rebuild, but Im not thrilled about the surge on this RS65 when running the intake pipe. Turbos in the running were: FP HTA series, Borg Warner, Holset HX40 and the PTE 6262 / 6265. I love FP turbo’s; I’ve ran both the Green and Red. After all that I ended up going with a journal bearing PTE 6262 from AWD Motorsports (give Mike there a call, he’s great to work with), but I’m still waiting for it. I’ll have more updates when she shows up!


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