First Trip to Rocky Mountain Raceway with the Talon

Finally got enough bugs worked out to make a trip to Rocky Mountain Raceway with the Talon.


First pass off the trailer (yes, I trailer her. I have no desire to drive 65 miles round trip to grab the trailer if she breaks) she went 12.3 @120. That was with a 1.9 60ft (yes, crappy I know) and around  20 psi. I was pretty happy with that mph on that low of boost. That lets me know this PTE 6262 has a ton more in it.


When I got back to the pits I noticed an oil leak. We jacked the car up, but couldn’t figure out where the oil was coming from. I made one other pass and put her on the trailer for the night. My driving skills were pretty rusty since I haven’t raced since 2004 so I was “somewhat” happy with the 120 mph.


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