Videos from our trip to the Wendover Racetrack

We loaded up my 1995 Eagle Talon and headed out to the racetrack in Wendover, Utah last weekend. The track isn’t official nor do we take any of the times for “real”. It’s just a place to get some seat time and I need all the seat time I can get!

Here’s a solo run I had. I knew I wasn’t keeping the RPM’s up while launching, but can really tell how bad I was doing when I listen to the video. I’m still getting used to this clutch – unspung six puck and Hoosier QTP’s

Here’s the first pass off the trailer. I think the grand national was a bit surprised I beat him. They stopped by after the race and commented how quick the car is.

All in all it was a good day. More seat time and I’ll keep dropping those 1/4 mile times.

Here’s a picture of P Jon’s (my old 1997 Eagle Talon) and my car in the parking lot of the casino after the track.


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