Videos From our Trip to Las Vegas Motor Speedway

We loaded up the truck and trailer last weekend and headed for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. After an uneventful drive and stopping in St. George to pick up Jet Snow we arrived in Las Vegas. “The Strip” puts on Friday night Midnight Mayhem events similar to Rocky Mountain Raceways midnight drags.  I’ve never raced anywhere but Rocky Mountain Raceways and Wendover Raceway so I was excited.

For some reason, the first pass right off the trailer is always my best. I joked with the hubby we need to start loading the Talon back up on the trailer after every run.  Anyway, I threw Jet in the passenger seat and we got ready to race. First pass was an 11.2 @ 130. Wait, what?? I fumbled around with the slip to make sure I was reading that right. Wow, that was like the sixth or seventh pass for the car down ANY track. Needless to say I was pretty stoked! When I checked the logs I was getting some knock. Before we headed down to race I’d up’d the boost to around 30psi. I’m fairly sure I’m running out of fuel pump at higher rpm’s so I had to richen the car up and subtract timing. She wasn’t very happy with that so I only managed to run an 11.4 and 11.5.

Bring on the videos!


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