Oil Pump 1 Me 0

Second race into the season at Rocky Mountain Raceway and I put my Eagle Talon on the trailer, and not by its own power this time.

We’ve been playing with the shifter length and I’ve been having some issues getting into fourth gear. Well, this run I missed 4th and the motor rev’d up to about 10k-11k and hung there awhile. Motor stopped, I pulled over and was pushed off the track. We pushed her onto the trailer and were spectators the rest of the night.

Congratulations goes out to Casey for running a 10.95 @ 130 in his PTE 6262 (18 psi), Dogbox equipped Eagle Talon.

Anyway, we dropped the oil pan on my Talon on Saturday and found pretty sparkles in the oil along with some pretty torn up bearing.

Looks like the spare motor is going in. We started to pull the old motor out last night to hopefully find the cause of “all” the bearings trashed.

Thanks to Tory for coming by and lending a hand!

Not surprising, we found the oil pump had seized.

We have a spare short block sitting on the shelf, but I wasn’t wanting to use it already!


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