Eagle Talon, GBC and Branding

Recently, Dustin Jacobson designed a new logo for Girl in the Black Car. The first time I saw it I knew I wanted it on the hood of my Eagle Talon. We checked into hood wraps, but they’re pretty pricey so I figured if someone was going to do it, let a local person get the credit. So I enlisted Shae Petersen and asked if he would aerosol (yes, it’s hand sprayed) the logo on.

He asked if I wanted it put on the underside of the hood. I told him no way, GBC is my personal branding project and I want it out there for everyone to see!

He told me what paint to buy and I took him the hood.

A few days later he was finished. I have no other words to describe the completed project outside of “Wow”.

What do you think?


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