High Jumping the New Bars in the Roll Cage

This has been a long process, but the roll cage, installed by Ben Hanks Racing, is finally done (crossing fingers – going to try and get it inspected on Friday).

What did I learn?

1. It’s probably best to have someone who is familiar with the rules of IHRA install your cage. Yes, Ben Hanks Racing has built cages previously, I was referred to them by Vince Lung of Lung Automotive, but the car had to go back once for some fixes. The rules can be “interrupted” many different ways so be sure to talk to the person who certifies cages at your local track before, during and after the build.

2. If you don’t install swing outs in the beginning, pray you’re flexible. I’m getting my exercise getting in and out of the car. I’m sure I could climb out quicker if there was fire licking at my butt. I’m hoping I won’t have to find out though.

The door bars are higher now than they were previously. The bar needed to tie into the bar coming down through the dash.



I’m excited to see Jet Moody crawl into the car because even when the bar was low, there was head smacking and screaming going on.

3. Roll cages are cool when you pick up groceries. True story!

4. Roll cages also look awesome when your car is on the front of a new online magazine. It looks even cooler when inaugural is spelled right, but who’s checking?

Ok, I’m done blabbing. Here’s a picture of the new bar in the back. You can see the first go round in my previous blog post.

WAIT! I forgot the coolest part . . . the camera mount! It’s not completely done, but here is benefit #1,982 of having a machinist husband (YouTube video – CNC’ing my valve cover).

Handle made for quickly attaching the camera to the roll cage.


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