Eight Years Ago Today My Life Changed Forever

If your Mom tried to get you to street race – raise your hand.

*raises hand*

Yes, my street racing influential mother is missed today. Eight years ago she passed away from ALS (Lou gehrig’s disease).

Here’s a snippet of my Mitsubishi Gearbox Magazine interview talking about our street racing adventure:

Got a favorite story to tell about your Mitsubishi?
My favorite story has to be about my Mom and my 1997 Talon. After we bought the Talon I took it over to show her. When I was little my parents would always point out nice cars when we were driving around. My mom was a car girl at heart and wanted to go for a ride, so I took her around the block. During the drive we happened to run into a bright yellow 2000’ish GT Mustang. He stayed right next to me as we drove and she kept telling me she wanted to run them. As embarrassing as this is – I really wasn’t that comfortable with a manual transmission so I chickened out on the race. I’ll always regret that because she passed away nine months later and never got to see me race at the drag strip.”

She was always supportive – through my crazy teens, attending my gigs when I played in a band (even if it was at a bar in a scary neighborhood) and going for rides in my many cars and trucks. Boy, would she love iZabell (the car is affectionately named, and plated, in reference to her). She would hate Izzy because she hated cats, but I named her that anyway.

She got sick and passed away before she could see me race, but my Dad carries on the support by attending almost every race.

We love and miss you!

-All of us

Six months after she passed away I wrote a paper for school that documented her sickness. It was tough at the time, but I look back now and am glad I took the time to write everything down. It’s amazing how much you forget (or block out).


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