GBC is Burned-Out

We’ve been working  on T. Talon since April 2008 and had her track ready by late 2009. We took her to Las Vegas in November and then again this past March. Been to Wendover several times and monthly to Rocky Mountain Raceways. Photo shoot in St. George for my Mitsubishi Gearbox Magazine interview and another photo shoot for my CAM Auto Magazine interview.

We’ve been through one motor already (my bad) and we’re tired.

T. Talon has been safely tucked away in the shop since our last trip to Rocky Mountain Raceway a few weeks ago. Good news to report from that trip is that she’s back up and running good. We were having problems after the motor install with lost mph. Well, we found it. My HKS BOV was leaking bad.

Here are a few videos from my last trip to RMR.

11.00 on an 11.0 dial in and my reaction time made me lose. Doh!

We’re taking a few weeks away from the car and I think it’s well deserved! RMR does close the end of September so hopefully we’ll get some better times before it closes for the year.


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