10.6 at 137 mph in my Eagle Talon

Thanks Mrs. Jet Moody for the picture!

The Midnight Drags last Friday night at Rocky Mountain Raceway turned out to be a good night for me! I ran a new best of 10.6 at 137 mph.

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen my post about losing the tranny last Wednesday night. I guess you can only expect so many passes out of a stock tranny. Thursday night was spent randomly picking a spare transmission (we have no good history on any of them) off the floor, crossing our fingers and installing it. We were lucky we picked the right one!

What’s changed from the 10.9 at 130 mph to now? We cranked up the boost to around 35psi. The PTE 6262 feels like a whole new beast at this psi.

Also, here is a video from the Utah Muscle Car Association that pretty much sums up the night. You can see GBC’s run about 9 minutes in.


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