New Enclosed Trailer for T. Talon

With all the social media tools I use (Twitter and Facebook) I find myself falling behind when it comes to updating my blog.

Here’s an update on a house on wheels for T. Talon.

Previously, she was towed around on an open trailer (she’s on the far right).

It was nice having a trailer, but it kinda sucked if we ran into snow while taking her down to Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

In comes the new GBC/T. Talon hauler – It’s a 24′ enclosed trailer.


After painting the walls and putting truck bed liner on the floor. FYI – Most Autozones only carry one can of this stuff at a time. Good thing we have a ton of stores around us!

The reason we hadn’t bought an enclosed trailer previously is that it would have kicked my old trucks (2003 2500HD) butt. We recently upgraded to a 2009 Dodge Megacab, 6.7 Cummings. How come we moved from a Chevy to a Dodge? Well, my Dad passed away last September and he was a HUGE Dodge fan. While truck shopping we came across this beauty you see below. I’ve always wanted a Megacab and how can you go wrong with all black? He would have LOVED this truck. So in a way, we can take him racing with us again even though he’s no longer with us.

The towing on this truck is amazing. I can’t wait to take it and the enclosed trailer down to race in Vegas this year.


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